Frequently Asked Questions


General questions

Everything depends of your nationality. Every country have a different agreement, do there are differences to obtain a hunting license in Spain. All of our licenses are guaranteed. We will have your license waiting for you upon arrival. You only have to be ready to enjoy this experience.


Our main office is located in Xixona (Alicante).

It depends of your nationality. If you are a European citizen you only will need your national ID card. You can check on the next link:

We will help you with every information that you need.


Yes, of course that you can travel with your own guns. We will send you all the information related with weapons transport to Spain. In addition, do not forget to check the requirements of your flight company.

You can send your clothes in advance, but that is not possible to do it with weapons.


About the accomodation, if you hire the trip in advance we can send to you a list with different options near the hunting area. Our main goal is your satisfactions, let us know your needs and we will work to satisfy your needs.


We are not able to manage the shipping from the taxidermist. We can provide you information but we cannot offer this service.


We have available agreements with the best taxidermists around the spanish geography to prepare your hunting trophies. You have to keep in mind that a prepared trophy shipping is expensive because is heavy.


We recommend to our customers to bring their own binoculars and their own clothes to feel more comfortable during the hunting. If you forget something or need any additional during the hunting, we can take you to a hunting shop. There you will have a special discount due to our agreements with them.


Is not needed, but is recommended if you want to take your own pictures. We also can send you pictures taken by our team.

We also have available a professional cameraman service that will record you during all the hunting in Spain and keep it in your memory forever.


Service Terms

This decision depends of the location of your desired hunting. For international flights, best airports are Madrid or Barcelona. Depending of the selected hunting program, we will recommend you the nearest airport or the best flight combinations. Don’t worry, we provide pick up&drop off to many airports in Spain: Alicante, Valencia, Málaga, Granada… We will send you a document including all the distances and estimates timings between airport, hunting area and your acommodation.

We will begin with all the arrangements once your booking is confirmed.


Yes you can drive by yourself. We also offer a pick up service directly to your home. This is your choice, whatever you choose we will be glad to attend your needs.


Usually our huntings are held on private areas. Sometimes, we have available public areas that we get access to manage through public auctions.


This information is included in our brochures because we want to be clear. The most common extra services not included are last minute changes, extra animals hunting, shipping and taxidermist.


Do not be worried about this situation, we have available additional guides. Our main goal is offer you the best service.


Yes, he we do. We consider every injured animal as dejected. We have the compromise to find it after the hunting.


We do not have set any animal limitation if there are availables enough licenses. If you are planning to hunt many animals, we recommend you to hunt at the beginning of the season because the number of available licenses is higher.


Payment Terms

Yes, in this case we open to receive your colleague. Keep in mind that we usually buy the licenses and hire the insurances in advances, so the only requirement is that you will have to pay this costs.


That is up to you. If you are satisfied with the service provided by our hunting team we recommend a tip from 100€.


There are not any additional fees apart of what you already hired.