South east Ibex (Sierra Nevada) Spanish Ibex

  • Scientific Name South east Ibex
  • Adult Size 1,60 meter
  • Adult Weight 115 Kilo
  • Specimen Number 5000
  • Hunting Season Octuber to May
  • Hardness High

The Sierra Nevad Ibex or Southern Ibex. It is one of the most numerous one as it expands along a large area in the southeas of Spain. Its horns are the most curved and one of the most beautiful ones to hunt.

They can be hunted from sea level to even 2000 meters altitude. Its body is slightly smaller than the Gredos´s or Beceite´s, but its horns are equally impressive.

Its season goes from Octuber to April, being Octuber and November the best months.

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