Cantabrian Chamois

  • Scientific Name Rupicapra pyrenaica parva
  • Common Name Cantabrian Chamois
  • Adult Size 70cm
  • Adult Weight 30kg
  • Specimen Number 3916
  • Hunting Season 15 september of july
  • Hardness Alta

 The Cantabrian Chamois. They are hunted in the north-west of Spain through breathtaking landscapes, and you can get excellent hunting trophies despite being smaller than those of The Pyrenean Chamois. Its hunting season goes from September to 15th November and from 15th April to the end of June, being the end of September to November its breeding season and therefore, the best time to enjoy its hunting. As said above, you can get exceptional trophies, such as the one obtained by one of our clients last season.

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